Downton Haulage specifies Tridec steering systems to trial "longer" articulated-trailers

At the beginning of 2012 the Department for Transport (DfT) began a trial of up to 1,800 longer articulated-trailers which offers fleet operators increased capacity. Downton Haulage Contractors was one of the com-panies that chose to take part in the trial, commissioning 28 new trailers. To qualify for the trial the rules state that the inner and outer turning circle must meet the same criteria as standard length trailers. Fortunately the Tridec TR-steering system from JOST GB allows the trailers to turn tightly without negatively affecting the overall driving experience.

The DfT has commissioned the trial to test the environmental and safety impacts of allowing longer articulated-trailers on the UK roads. The trial involves 900 trailers of 14.6m in length and 900 of 15.65m. While the trailers are required to operate within the UK's existing domestic weight limit, the trailers can carry up to eight extra pallets when compared to standard trailers, which makes them more profitable for lighter goods. Haulage companies have the opportunity to participate in the trial, though they have to commission their own trailers and there is no guarantee that they will be permitted beyond the end of the trial period.